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2008-01-08 09:00:42 by Hoodlum4hire

Hey NGers.
Over '07 I animated plenty but there was little I considered posting, and even less that I did post (only one, in fact). Over the next year or so I'm working on my most ambitious animation yet. The piece is entitled "The Grey Spectrum" and follows a group of special ops soldiers striking a mysterious base known only as "Thirteen". What they find there-in is far more sinister and cliché than any of them could ever have imagined. The script and characters are based off a story written both by myself and a friend of mine. Most of you (if indeed any) would know him as Venzael (He hangs around on Kongregate, among other places ;D ). There's a good chance I'll be working on a number of side-projects as well but none will be as awesome as I intend this to be. It is the first >real< animation I've done full-body and ought to be the longest I will make for some time. Hopefully you'll enjoy it on release, I'm putting a lot of effort into this shindig. Included is one of the few graphics finalised at this stage; one of two Rugers wielded by the ops agent "Threads".
Cyas round.

Latest Animation


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